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360 Degrees

2018 | Ervin Brown

$12.97 CD

($9.99 digital download)

After listening to this solo album 360 Degrees by Ervin Brown, you will be amazed at the superior musicianship of this talented artist.

It’s hard to believe that one musician created this whole album.

The title 360 Degrees is an appropriate name for this creative jazz album. These songs are well diversified and unlike all the electronic keyboard sample tracks of some music today.

Aside from using synthesized strings as an added touch of beauty, this album is created from real musical instruments and excellent musicianship. The background vocals in the songs; The Whole World Smiles and Lost In Your Love, are pleasing additions to this great album.

Ervin Brown is a gifted musician with a musical talent that truly covers 360 degrees of music and his new album, 360 Degrees, speaks for itself.



Click and play the titles above to hear a sample from each track.

Individual tracks are also available for purchase.

I’m So In Love

2016 | Ervin Brown

$12.97 CD

($9.99 digital download)

It’s easy to realize that Ervin Brown is one of the most amazing talented musician/songwriters to ever pick up an instrument.

“How one musician can write, arrange and play all the instruments on every song of this album is truly a special gift.”

The rich sounds of the alto saxophone will blow you away, while his performance on the tenor sax will remind you of the beautiful sounds created in the early years of Jazz legend John Coltrane. You’ll even think you’re hearing the late, great Wes Montgomery from the sound of Ervin playing live on the guitar. Some tracks will have you saying to yourself “Man, that sounds like the cool notes of George Benson,” while others are just pure, unmistakable Ervin Brown.

If you like the sounds of smooth, classic Jazz, you will love “I’m So In Love”.